Ty-Rap Nylon Cable Tie

Fastening solutions, Easily bundle, secure and manage your cables

First developed to solve the problem of bundling the miles of wiring found inside commercial aircraft, Ty-Rap® cable ties can now be found virtually everywhere – from high performance racing engines to backyard tool sheds. Self-fastening and extremely durable in demanding applications, the ground-breaking design of the Ty-Rap® cable tie demonstrates how to solve a complex problem with simple technology.

Ty-Rap® has a cable tie offering for the most adverse conditions: humidity, heat, cold, UV radiation, aggressive chemicals, radiation and other harsh conditions. Engineered for labor savings and high performance, Ty-Rap® cable ties are commonly used in a variety of applications.

Trust IEP Thomas & Betts (T&B) Ty-Rap® Cable Ties to securely fasten your cables!


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• Harness Board pre-wiring prior to installation
• Large OEMs — Automotive, Aerospace, Computers, Electronics, Copiers, Appliances and other Durable Goods

IEP Thomas & Betts (T&B) fastening systems for large volume cable tying combine high-speed ergonomically designed tools, along with a wide selection of ties and harnessing aids to meet your application requirements. Accessories include various mounting bases, harnessing aids, retainers, clips, clamps, supports, posts, pins and guides that allow the wire to be quickly routed with or without the use of harness nails.

Point-to-Point and Long Distance Wiring

• Bundling & fastening cables between equipment
• Panel & Machine Tool Builders
• Industrial & Commercial Applications, Refineries, Office Buildings

Installers prefer the ease of use and exceptional durability of genuine Ty-Rap cable ties. Engineered for labor savings and high performance. Ty-Rap cable ties are commonly used in a variety of applications. Standoffs, bulkhead mounting bases, adhesive mounting bases and a wide variety of clamping devices will meet or exceed any requirements. Weatherable and special material Ty-Rap cable ties are exceptionally suited for years of service in extreme environments.

IEP Thomas & Betts (T&B) Cable Fastening Accessories

Choose from one of the largest assortments of mounting bases, clips and clamps, spacers, lashing straps, harness board accessories, braided wire protection sleeving, and accessories for your fastening needs. Use Thomas & Betts cable fastening accessories for the finishing touch on your next wiring project.

IEP Thomas & Betts (T&B) Tools

Ty-Rap installing tools properly complete the installation of the cable tie. Ties are cinched to the proper tension and the excess tail is cut off precisely flush with the head, leaving no sharp corners or ragged edges. Ty-Rap installing tools are lightweight with narrow noses and slim profiles for work in tight spaces or between harness board nails. The operation is quick, reliable and cost effective.

Other Applications

• Recreational
• Telecom & Utility
• Packaging

IEP Thomas & Betts (T&B) Ty-Rap cable ties are remarkably well suited for a variety of other nonelectrical applications. Ty-Rap cable ties exceed UL 1565 requirements for smoke developed and heat release for use in air handling spaces. Ty-Rap cable ties meet international standards such as CSA and CE as well as UL, , Belcor, ADC and military specifications in North America. T&B also offers a complete stainless steel and Deltec® cable fastening system for demanding and weather-resistant applications. Choose genuine Ty-Rap cable ties for the rugged “Grip of Steel.” Look for the oval head.