UPS, Rack & PDU

Rack PDU metering allows data center managers to monitor power in real-time to avoid downtime brought on by overloaded circuits and to efficiently utilize power resources. IEP-Legrand’s PDUs are equipped with an ammeter. The 1-U PDU ammeter can be rotated 90° to ensure easy reading regardless of mounting position (horizontal or vertical).

IEP-Legrand Raritan’s PX Intelligent PDUs are fitted with monitoring features that detect hidden problems in your power chain, test for true redundancy and implement more efficient load balancing with detailed measurements from each server’s power supply.

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PX Intelligent Rack PDU Series

IEP-Legrand Raritan’s PX intelligent rack PDU Series offers more than just power distribution—it’s a launch pad for real-time remote power monitoring, environmental sensors, and data center infrastructure management. The PX Series offers hundreds of models with options including outlet switching, individual outlet metering, high power, and 400V three-phase power distribution. Have certain off-the-shelf models delivered in only a few days, or have PDUs purpose-built to meet the needs of your unique application. PX Intelligent PDUs are architected with components, features, and failsafes that ensure the most reliable infrastructure possible, both now and for years to come. See for yourself why 9 of the top 10 Fortune 500 technology companies trust PX intelligent PDUs.


Built-in Failover Power

Even if one power feed fails, both PDUs in the cabinet maintain network connectivity, and continue monitoring and alerting using the built-in power share capability of our iX7 generation controller.

Built-In Failover Power

Billing-grade accurate monitoring of user defined thresholds ensure that potential failures are identified far in advance. Real-time alarms notify you of potential risk conditions in the power chain.

Circuit Breaker Trip Alarming

Immediately identify faulty power supplies and react to tripped breakers that would otherwise go undetected by building management systems, branch circuit monitoring, and other brand PDUs.

Bi-State Latching Relays

Employing the most reliable components available, PX Intelligent PDUs with outlet switching consume less energy, protect against in-rush currents, and hold the critical power load even in the event of catastrophic failure.

Prevent Outages Before They Occur

PX Intelligent PDUs help eliminate human error and can withstand the harshest environments. With monitoring features that spot problems in advance and physical design elements that adapt to the toughest conditions, our solution protects your critical load under any circumstances.


  • 1.5 Billion Hours of Runtime
  • Trusted by the Top 10 Fortune 500 Technology Companies
  • 30 Years of Data Center Expertise
  • Over 200 New Custom Designs Developed Per Year