Wall-Mounted Enclosures

Wall-Mounted Industrial Enclosures Supplier In Malaysia

IEP-nVent Hoffman’s enclosures offers protection in assets including the people who operate them the most extreme conditions of harsh and hazardous environment. Hoffman enclosures and accessories are built tough – with third-party certifications – to help safeguard even the most complex  control systems and other vital equipment. HOFFMAN is the No.1 specified enclosure for harsh applications globally, with more than 3 million enclosures produced for industrial applications.  

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IEP-nVent Hoffman Wall-Mounted Enclosures 

Standard and non-standard Wall-Mounted enclosures from nVent HOFFMAN offer product solutions that can be configure, modify, and customize to suit application needs and specifications.

  • Preferred brand in many industries including; Food & Beverage, Automotive, Rail, Machine Tool
  • Features that meet the needs suitable for various applications and markets
  • Global manufacturing and support for local and multi-national customers
  • Meets ratings of NEMA, UL, and IEC standards organizations

1. Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Industrial Enclosures

Industry-leading protection for systems incorporating large components or complex mounting configurations in highly corrosive environments

  • Specially designed enclosures for applications in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Oil & Gas, etc.
  • Broad selection of product types, materials, and configurations
  • Flexible modification and customization to meet specifications
  • Indoor or outdoor applications that require corrosion protection from chemicals and water

Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Industrial Enclosures range:

  • Stainless Steel Wallmount, Hinged with NEMA Clamps, Type 4x
  • Concept Stainless Steel Wallmount, Type 4x
  • WaterShed, Stainless Steel Wallmount Sloped Top, Type 4x
  • ZonEx, ATEX, IECEx, Type 4x, Hinged, 316SS, ATEX Design
  • ZonEx, ATEC, IECEx, Type 4x, hinged, 316SS, EXE Design
  • Stainless Steel Wallmount, 3 Point latch, Type 4x
  • InLine, Stainless Steel, Type 4x
  • Concept Stainless Steel Wallmount Window Door, Type 4x

2. Mild Steel Wall-Mounted Industrial Enclosures

High-quality mild steel enclosures from nVent HOFFMAN are ideal for a variety of industrial challenges

  • These rigid-bodied enclosures provide superior ease-of-access without sacrificing a secure seal
  • Easy to install and modify these mild steel enclosures are time-tested and carry the NEMA rating necessary for your application
  • Broad range of features and accessories like nVent HOFFMAN’s exclusive PowerGlide handle with 3-point latching
  • Available from Express Modifications in 28 custom colors with simple holes and cutout

Mild Steel Wall-Mounted Industrial Enclosures Range

  • Concept Single-Door Enclosures
  • Mild Steel, Single Door Enclosure, MAS
  • Continuous Hinge with Clamps LP, Type 4x
  • Concept two-Door Enclosures
  • Mild Steel, Double Door Enclosures, MAD
  • Concept EMC, Type 4
  • Weatherflo with Fan, Type 3R
  • InLine Type 4

3. Fiberglass & Thermoplastic Wall-Mounted Industrial Enclosures

Non-metallic enclosures provide unique benefits for challenging environments at competitive costs

  • High performing yet cost effective, capable of withstanding corrosive and harsh environments
  • Lightweight but with excellent impact resistance and strength
  • Fiberglass solutions offer similar rigidity to steel
  • Polycarbonate is an excellent general-purpose material
  • Polyester is the premier option for chemical resistance
  • ABS shares properties with polycarbonate but is a more economical, non-UL alternative

Fiberglass & Thermoplastic Wall-Mounted Industrial Enclosures Range:

  • Continuous Hinge, Type 4x
  • Hinge Cover with 3-Point or Quick-Release Latch, Type 4x
  • Continuous Hinge with Clamps LP, Type 4x
  • PolyPro Type 4x
  • Ultrax, Type 4x
  • QLine D, Type 4x
  • QLine D, EMC, Type 4x
  • QLine I, Type 4x

4. Aluminum Wall-Mounted Industrial Enclosures

The material characteristics of aluminum make it an ideal material for the protection of critical electrical equipment in harsh environments

  • Excellent corrosion resistance prolonging the life of the enclosure
  • High impact resistance ensures durability in industrial settings
  • Strong heat dissipation for thermal regulation
  • Lightweight and machinable for easier handling and modification

Aluminum Wall-Mounted Industrial Enclosures range:

  • Aluminum Continuous Hinge with Clamps, Type 4x
  • Aluminum Continuous Hinge with Clamps, Type 12x
  • Compact Series, Aluminum, Type 4