Pipe Seals


Our portfolio of wall sleeve products will provide you with the ideal solution for any type of wall and any load case. Combined with our press seals, these products create the optimum sealing solution between building and supply line.

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IEP-Hauff Technik, press seals ensure that core drills or wall sleeves are sealed professionally in order to be gastight and watertight.

FZR – Fibre Cement Wall Sleeve

For setting in concrete or mortar. Grooves all the way around the outside ensure a tight and force-fit bond with the wall.

ZVR – Cement coated wall sleeve

For installation in waterproof concrete tank. Coating merges seamlessly with the concrete.

UFR – Universal Wall Sleeve

Facilitates sealing in all types of wall through a combination of integrated patch flangeand 3-ribbed seal.

GKD – Modular Seal

The modular structure allows installation on all kind of pipes and diameter combinations..

HSD SSG – Standard Press Seal

Standard Press Seal with super segmented ring technology. Infinitely adjustable to cable diameters on site.