Wattstopper Lighting Sensors

With a full 360° of coverage, these sensors are able to control a wide range of applications, either individually, or for large areas, in zones that overlap.

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IEP Legrand WattStopper SmartSet technology means no adjustments are needed at installation.

SmartSet monitors the space to identify usage patterns. With this information, it automatically adjusts the time delay and sensitivity settings for both optimal performance and maximum energy efficiency.

The lights don’t need to stay on for the entire length of the time delay if someone is just dropping off mail or other items. With our smart Walk Through Mode, lights turn off 3 minutes after an area is initially occupied if no movement is detected within 30 seconds.

Terminal wiring and depluggable terminal wiring are featured throughout our new generation of occupancy sensors. Quick and easy installations are now the new standard.

Low voltage sensors are well suited in most applications. The simplicity of low voltage wiring allows for optimal placement. However, some applications, because of installer preference, are better suited to line voltage ceiling mount sensors.

Our new generation of sensors are available in both line and low voltage models to match each and every application and installation style.

Both the ultrasonic and dual technology sensors benefit from the new Ultrasonic Diffusers. The diffusers are able to evenly distribute the ultrasound in order to achieve a more comprehensive coverage of the controlled area.

Many occupancy sensors contain a built-in light level sensor. Our new generation sensors incorporate this feature PLUS a unique one-touch set up.

When the application calls for manual on/off control in addition to the occupancy based control, the new generation sensors do the job. They offer the convenience of a low voltage switch input (on the low voltage sensor models) so that wiring to a momentary wall switch is quick and easy.

IEP Legrand Wattstopper Passive infrared technology (PIR)

PIR technology senses occupancy by detecting the difference between heat emitted from the human body in motion and the background space.

Relying on a clear line-of-sight view, passive infrared sensors make 100% coverage cut off possible. These sensors utilize a unique Fresnel lens which divides the coverage area into zones, enhancing detection of small movement.

IEP Legrand Wattstopper Ultrasonic technology

Using the Doppler principle, ultrasonic sensors work by bouncing ultrasonic sound waves off objects in an area and measuring the time it takes for the waves to return. Movement by a person in the area causes the sound waves to return at a changed frequency, resulting in a Doppler shift and occupancy detection.

IEP Legrand Wattstopper Dual technology

While PIR and ultrasonic sensors provide optimal control for a variety of spaces, some applications pose difficulty for single technology sensors.

We created and patented Dual Technology – a combination that takes advantage of the best features of both PIR and ultrasonic technologies.

Using the Dual Sensing Verification Principle, both technologies must detect occupancy to turn lighting on, while continued detection by only one technology will hold lighting on.