Firestop Cable Bandage

Firestop Cable Bandage

IEP, a Malaysia-based industrial electrical power products, electrical distribution system and power distribution equipment, provides one stop solution fully certified Passive Fire Stop by FM, UL or BS and local authority, Bomba. The IEP Passive Fire Stop solution covers all applications from electrical, mechanical, PVC or metal piping, ducting, fire damper, fire rated wall, floor and riser.


IEP SVT PYRO-SAFE DG – Cable fire bandage, Fire protection system for cables, cable bundles and trays made of a fire bandage based on an intumescent coating. Also suitable for areas with constant moisture or outdoor applications.

IEP SVT PYRO-SAFE DG cable fire bandage is a flexible composite fibre glass fabric (PYRO-SAFE DG-CR) with grey external PU coating and internal red-coloured thermoplastic intumescent coating. The product is flexible, weather resistant and resistant to UV radiation. When exposed to fire or extensive heat, it forms a microporous, thermally insulating layer of foam. The gap between cables and cable fire bandage is closed and thus prevents a spread of fire.

Approved by the DIBt (German Institute for Structural Engineering), Berlin National technical approval No.: Z-19.11-1917, Intumescent Building Materials PYRO-SAFE DG and PYRO-SAFE DG-CR; GL-Certificate No. 60 352-09 HH (IEC-120 min.).


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