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Explosion Proof Cable Gland Supplier Malaysia
IEP, a Malaysia-based industrial electrical power products, provides a variety of explosion proof electrical equipment ranging from Exd, Exde, Exe, Exn, Ex ia Ex p, Ex q, Ex m, etc.

IEP, cable gland supplier Malaysia, explosion proof cable gland solution provider, complete range for onshore and offshore oil & gas and hazardous area applications.

The safety you rely on. Delivering world-class reliability and safety in high consequence harsh and hazardous environments.

The Eaton Cooper Safety Capri, CEAG and Raxton products you know are evolving. Part of Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds portfolio, are now united with Eaton’s leading range of reliable, efficient and safe electrical power management solutions. Combined, provide the world’s largest portfolio of electrical equipment for explosive, classified, and industrial areas. With unsurpassed product reliability and quality, industry-leading innovation and product efficiency, and products designed and certified for global specifications, Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds solutions, including Capri, CEAG and Raxton products, delivers proven solutions for harsh and hazardous environments.

Eaton Cooper Safety Capri, CEAG and Raxton have a new look as Crouse-Hinds by Eaton, but the products and technology you trust remain unchanged. From explosion-proof panel boards and lighting to connectivity and explosion proof cable gland, the broadest offering of solutions for harsh and hazardous environments is now available from Crouse-Hinds by Eaton.

More protection. More technology. Expect more.

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Eaton Cooper Safety Capri ADE Explosion Proof Cable Glands – Specification Features

Metallic Components
The Eaton Cooper Safety Capri ADE range of explosion proof cable glands are available in four different material types:
• Nickel Plated Brass
• 316 Stainless Steel
• Aluminium
• Bronze

Nickel Plated Brass
Nickel Plated Brass is used extensively throughout the oil & gas and petrochemical industries because it provides superior protection against corrosion and contamination under severe conditions and in the most extreme environments over equivalent natural brass products. All Nickel Plated Brass components, both external and internal, are designed specifically to allow for a nickel plated coating between 5 to 7 microns that ensures the critical tolerances can be maintained. The design tolerance of the components and the quality control of the plating process ensure a uniform coating which protects against the possibility of chipping, flaking, and peeling under extreme conditions.

Seal Material
The seal material of the ADE range has been carefully formulated to achieve the optimized performance across a wide range of operating temperature conditions. The Eaton Cooper Safety ADE range of explosion proof cable gland is available with seals of the following material types:
• Neoprene – for standard applications
• Silicone – for extended temperature performance

The Eaton Cooper Safety ADE models are suitable for the following operating temperatures:
Neoprene Seals -30°C to +80°C
Silicon Seals -60°C to +140°C
Barrier Compound -60°C to +80°C
Refer to individual product data sheets for specifications. For UL Marine refer to certification page 96-97.

Cable Clamping Technology

External Cable Clamping
All Eaton Cooper Safety ADE models are designed to accommodate an external clamping module which provides additional mechanical strength for strain relief.

Outer Sheath Cable Sealing
All Eaton Cooper Safety ADE models utilize a gland specific seal design, which combined with the material formulation ensures suitable sealing and ingress protection on the outer cable sheath.

Inner Sheath Cable Sealing
The Eaton Cooper Safety ADE 4F and ADE 5F utilize the same proven seal design as for the outer sheath (Fig.8) whilst the ADE 6F utilizes a diaphragm design seal to achieve the desired flame-path protection.

Universal Clamping – Armoured Cable
The Eaton Cooper Safety ADE 4F, ADE 5F and ADE 6F models all offer universal designs for all types of armoured cable. These include:
• Steel wire armoured (SWA) cable
• Steel tape armoured (STA) cable
• Steel wire braided (SWB) cable
• Braided marine shipboard cable
• Lead sheath armoured cable
• Type P cable

All designs achieve clamping and earth bonding of the armour for all armour types with no reversible components.

Lead sheath Armour Cable
The Eaton Cooper Safety ADE 4F and ADE 5F ranges are suitable for lead sheath armoured cable with the addition of a simple washer.

Specially formulated elastomer seal.

Ingress Protection

IP Rating
All Eaton Cooper Safety ADE models incorporate an elastomeric dust cap to prevent dust and solid ingress prior to installation. IP66 protection is achieved through the thread to thread engagement. Additional protection up to IP68 can be achieved through the addition of a sealing washer or thread sealant.

Deluge Protection
All Eaton Cooper Safety ADE models comply and are certified to the DTS-01 deluge certification. The ADE 6F incorporates an additional deluge boot seal for enhanced deluge protection in marine / offshore environments.

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