Firestop Ready Sleeve

Firestop Ready Sleeve

SpecSeal® Ready® Sleeve Pathways are a complete UL Certified out-of-the-box solution for new cable penetrations through walls. Each sleeve kit contains a precut metallic sleeve, mounting escutcheons, intumescent escutcheon gaskets, wall labels, and the amount of putty required to seal both ends.

SpecSeal® Ready® Sleeve Pathway kits are simple in design and installation. All sizes of the Sleeve Pathways include a unique pressfit end cap design to eliminate potential sharp edges and do away with the need for conduit bushings.

SpecSeal® Ready® Sleeve Pathways are sized to the same O.D. as standard EMT (Electrical Mechanical Tubing) and will accept EMT accessories such as grounding bushings. Additionally, SpecSeal® Ready® Sleeve Pathways provide an easy method for compliance with the sleeve attachment requirements of the 2015 IBC Section 714.2 and 2018 IBC Section 714.3 without the need for struts or
other bracing.

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IEP STI Firestop Ready Sleeve

SpecSeal® Ready® Sleeve Pathways are used to protect or support cables in both nonrated and rated construction. SpecSeal® Ready® Sleeve Pathways are suitable for use in all common constructions including concrete floors, concrete walls, concrete block walls, and gypsum board/stud wall assemblies up to 10” (254 mm) thick.

Features & Benefits
• Economical – offers significant material and laborsavings
• Ready to install – no cutting required, no waste
• Locks into place – no support struts and clamps required
• No external firestop seal required – factory supplied intumescent firestop gasket
• Firestop putty provided with kit – sufficient to seal ends to 1” (25 mm) depth
• UL Certified and code compliant
• For rated and non-rated barriers – putty seal impedes the passage of fire, smoke, super heated gases, particulate dust, and minimizes noise transmission