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Flood Barrier Malaysia

IEP, MMEngineering’s offer high quality industry leading flood barrier in Malaysia that includes flood doors, gates, and windows suitable for domestic, commercial substation flood defense, industrial and utility buildings at risk of flooding. Our products range from steel flood doors, security flood doors, flood gates and flood defense gates. Our products designs follows best-practice engineering principles, providing a secure fit for flood barrier purpose, meeting your specification needs and conditions.

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IEP MMEngineering flood gates are of premium quality and undergone extensive on-site testing. All tailored and custom-designed to the needs of client’s flood defence needs. We offer the following flood defence gate types:


For openings up to 6 meters wide and depending on structural design calculations up to 3mtrs high. MME flood gates are operable by one person and can be closed within 30 seconds using our bespoke spindle mechanism.


Double flood gate designs are offered when the swept path for single flood gates are obstructed. Clients can purchase our gates up to 14mtrs wide and over 3.5m high. This is subject to the civil design capabilities of each flood defence project. Operators can close our double flood gate in under 2 minutes. Double flood gate designs have 2 spindle starter latches and a central locking latch to lock both gate leafs together.


We offer the bi-fold gate when obstructions in the gates swept path are present and a single gate is still preferred. MME offer a bespoke bi-fold flood gate that has a reduced foot print. This gate follows all the same design criteria as the double and single flood gates.


IEP MMEngineering’s fully automated double flood gate system includes the following components:

  • Hydraulic operating cylinder for each gate leaf: the cylinder size is governed by certain design specifics these include but are not limited to the flood gate size and weight, wind loading and any impact loads the flood gate may need to withstand
  • Hydraulic power unit and electric motor for each cylinder
  • Siemens LOGO plc and control panel
  • Open and close sensors
  • Full safety system: which ensures the flood gate complies with BS EN 12453:2001 – Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates


These can be manual at widths of 6mtrs and no greater in height than 1mtr. Any sizes above this would lend itself to automated operation. The sliding flood gates can be hidden away between flood defence walls. These gate types suit projects where aesthetics are an important factor especially relevant to heritage and conservation areas.

All of the above flood gate designs can be offered in Mild-Steel and Stainless Steel to suit the specific project design requirements. The swing type flood gates can pivot a full 180 degrees.

MME Flood gates include a comprehensive set of third party design calculations. There are times when project specific design calculations are required and these are completed by Chartered Engineers. Fabrication work is undertaken by fully coded welders.


Our flood defence windows are glazed with laminated safety glass panels assembled into double glazed K glass sealed units to comply with current building regulations. Our design was based on our blast proof windows with a few enhancements to the sealing and closing mechanisms.

This unique flood defence window has been designed not only to take a static head of water but also withstand debris impact loads, which are very common during a flood event. We supply these flood windows for commercial and domestic properties. We have worked closely with planning teams when windows have been required to mimic the existing windows and being part of a listed building or conservation area.