Marine Busbar Device

Marine Busbar Device

The IEP STI Marine Busbar Device is designed specifically for where electrical busways penetrate fire rated steel decks or bulkheads. This flexible device comprised of split steel attachment plates, a flexible boot, compressible foam and intumescent wraps. The device adjusts to various features on the surface of the busbar while maintaining a functional smoke and air seal.   

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IEP STI Marine MBD/MCC Busbar Device

Provide solutions for smoke or air sealing that comes with features such as rapid intumescent expansion and flexibility to accommodate vibration that comes with an allowance of 3cm lateral movement.  The busbar device has a unique ability to attach on to any division thickness via welds and or provided clamps. It is a maintenance free device as no putty or sealant required.

TEST STANDARDS: 2010 IMO FTP, Annex 1, Part 3, Class A-0 to A-60