Marine Firestop Collars

Marine Firestop Collars Supplier in Malaysia 

The IEP STI Marine Firestop Collars, is a devices designed to use as a pipe penetration seal in fire-rated divisions such as bulkheads and decks. Made from stainless steel body resistant to aging and weather. It comprise of a mild steel flange for easy weld or screw attachment to division, and may be split for quick installation around existing pipes. MFC Collars is lined with a molded, intumescent insert that rapidly expands to more than 60 times its original volume. It contain the fire and restrict the passage of smoke and hot gases.

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MFC-W Watertight Firestop Collars

Build with a heavy gauge, chromium rich 316 stainless steel construction performance. Provide water-tightness up to 6 bar and gas-tightness up to 1 bar. Designed for high volume of char and rapid expansion. Comes with material that is highly resistant to aging and weathering as it consist of no soluble or hygroscopic ingredients. Available in many common sizes, this make retrofits work easy around existing metallic and non-metallic pipes.

TEST STANDARDS: 2010 IMP FTP, Annex 1, Part 3

  • Class A-0 to A-60
  • Class H-0 to H-120 Bulkheads and Decks

MGC-G FRP/GRE, GRP Firestop Collars

Fit most pipe sizes from 302mm to 746mm. Provide water-tightness up to 4 bar and gas-tightness up to 1 bar, with sealed MFS sealant. Offers rapid intumenscent expansion under fire conditions quickly seals off the path for fire, gasses, and smoke. Made with stainless steel body with mild steel flange for weld-attachment or steel screws. Resistant to aging and weathering.

TEST STANDARDS: IMO FTP 2010, Class A-0 to A-60

MFC-T Transitional Firestop Collars

Solution for pipe protection during transitions between plastic and metal or scuppers in fire-rated decks. Suitable for a range of pipe diameters.

TEST STANDARDS: 2010 IMO FTP, Class A-0 to A-60 (Decks)