MV Bus Bar Tubing

A bus bar in electrical power distribution refers to thick strips of copper or aluminum bars that conduct electricity which are normally configured in metal enclosed and metal clad medium voltage switch gear. IEP DSG-Canusa CBTM/CBTH is specifically designed to insulate straight or bent bus bar which permits clearance reduction in many applications. The tubing sleeve conforms tightly to bus bars and shrinks to the required insulation thickness to provide adequate electrical protection for the voltage rating of the equipment. Coupled with CMVBT Series of medium voltage tape insulation products, IEP DSG-Canusa CBTM/CBTH provides a comprehensive range of insulation solutions for electrical equipment and retrofit applications.


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IEP DSG-CANUSA Medium Voltage Bus Bar Insulation

IEP DSG-CANUSA Medium and heavy wall, anti-track heat shrink bus bar insulation tubing:
• CBTM rated for services to 25 kV
• CBTH rated for services to 36 kVs.


• Faster shrink profile
• Improves time of application and shrinks tightly around corners reducing the risk of corona
• Allows drop-in or substitution of product in switch gear bus bar applications
• 3:1 shrink ratio and offered in several sizes to 6.7 in diameter
• Allows for emergency overload conditions when temperatures are elevated due to high current throughput
• Reduces bus bar clearance requirements by up to 70% in OEM assemblies
• Lowers manufacturing costs and improves operational control
• Prevents pollutants and other contaminants in the air from setting on the surface and causing arcing, thus making it virtually maintenance free.

Additional Attributes:

• Insulates 5 - 36 kV rated bus bars
• Protects against accidental bridging of bus bars
• Provides high resistance to arcing and tracking
• Offers excellent thermal endurance properties
• Qualified to ANSI/IEEE 37.20.2 for MV switch gear equipment
• Made of cross-linked, non-tracking, flame retardant, halogen free polyolefin material
• Supplied in 50 ft lengths