Quick2Clamp offers ultra-fast installation and versatility for managing flexible conduit, tubing and cables. The built-in strut mount attaches with a simple twist. A one-piece design makes it simple to install. The robust, adjustable clamp closes by hand to the desired diameter. A release feature allows easy and nondestructive maintenance simply by using a flat-head screwdriver. In this way, the clamp can be reused or serviced without removing it from the strut

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Features and Benefits
• Clamp and mount combination means no extra hardware is needed, for time-saving, toolless, one-handed installation.
• Three size ranges handle diameters from 0.5″ to 2″, reducing part inventory.
• Clamp saddle provides additional attachment option using a cable tie.
• Impact modified, heat and UV stabilized PA66 provides long-term durability, indoors and out.