SS316L Cable Cleats

SS316L Band

IEP-BAND-IT BAND-FAST™ is ready to use band, pre-cut and pre-assembled with a clip, buckle or seal. Pre – assembled product gives you an edge over your competition as it saves up to 30% time and labor costs for your large projects.

Wherever you traditionally use Band & Buckle, or have a need for innovative products, BAND-FAST™ can do the job faster and with less scrap material! BAND-FAST™ is available in many materials including: Monel®, Inconel®, AL6XN®, Titanium, AL2003™, 316SS and others upon request.

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IEP BAND-IT PPA Coated BAND-FAST™ Clamp with captive clip from BAND-IT®
  • Low profile finish
  • 316 grade stainless (0.4mm band thickness)
  • PPA 571 coating (0.4mm coating thickness)
  • Zero Halogen, low smoke & fume
  • DNV and GL Type Approved Materials
  • Logistical and handling benefits (easier to move around site in bulk)
  • Standard width 5/8” (15.88mm) – other widths available
  • Standard colour black (other colours available upon request)
  • Captive sealing clip
  • Fully rounded edges
  • Round profile on end of band
  • Improved health & safety during installation
  • Significantly lower cost compared to cleats
  • Significant weight reduction
  • Reduced inventory – one size fits all
  • No accessories required (fixing, liners, packers, studding, etc)
  • Accommodates variations in cable diameter
  • Reduced environmental impact during manufacture / transportation / decommissioning
  • 50% labour saving versus cleats
  • Independently tested for shock and short circuit