Bussmann HV Fuses

IEP, a Malaysia-based industrial electrical power products, electrical distribution system and power distribution equipment, provides a variety of solution across all industries for indoor and outdoor application, ranging from extra low voltage, low voltage (LV), medium voltage (6.6KV/11KV/22KV/35KV).

IEP Bussmann Fuses for use in AC systems at voltages greater than 1000V tend to subdivide in terms of their characteristics rather than their applications.

Most HV fuse links used are of the current limiting type. The rest are non-current limiting.

– Fuse Links comply with DIN dimensional standard DIN43625.

– ‘F’ range, high performance full range fuse link.

– ‘S’ range, high performance back-up fuse link, with striker tripping.

– ‘A’ range, including high current rating back-up fuse link.

– Comply with IEC 60282-1 and VDE 0670 part 4.

– Wide variety of ratings, 3.6 kV to 36 kV.

– Versions suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

– Motor circuit fuse link option.

Bussmann HV Fuse

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