Water Penetration Sealed

IEP, a Malaysia-based permanent water penetration sealed solution provider for all kind of services ranging from cables, piping, etc. thru wall penetration and man holes.

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IEP Hauff Technik Permanent Water Penetration Sealed System

Electricity, telecommunication, water, waste water, gas or district heating – whenever a perfectly safe sealing
of building entries is required, IEP Hauff-Technik Permanent Water Penetration Sealed System offers the best possible solution. Innovative cable and pipe entries, building entries and trenchless house connections of professional quality. All from one source.

Out of the box or customized products. For highest efficiency, user-friendliness and longevity in all buildings.
From single-family homes to complex major projects. Always IEP Hauff. Always reliable. Always tight.

A substation is an essential component of the electrical supply network. To ensure error-free operation and high service security in the long term, buildings housing primary and secondary technology – some of which is very sensitive – must be protected against the ingress of water as well as damage caused by rodents and reptiles.

IEP Hauff-Technik Permanent Water Penetration Sealed System cable entries are often used in the secondary technology area of substations (to protect the supply and regulate voltage, for remote control and ripple control, etc.). We offer solutions for every cable type and diameter. In the primary technology area too, cables in switch gear buildings, for example, are sealed with cable entries. Our press seals are ideal for sealing pipes in transformer trays which are used to connect the transformer trays.

Conduit routes, possibly combined with cable shafts, have proved a reliable solution enabling cables to be replaced in a substation without subsequent groundwork and the associated risks. We have the ideal connection option for every cable duct. IEP Hauff-Technik Permanent Water Penetration Sealed System cable entry systems can be used to create pressure-tight building connections with an empty conduit system.

IEP Hauff-Technik Permanent Water Penetration Sealed System provides solutions not only for new-build projects – where provision is made right at the planning stage and the corresponding equipment is set in concrete when the building is constructed – but also for existing buildings for retrofit installation in core drills.